A few definitions in a nutshell
A synopsis of key terms which have been discussed in great detail in previous articles on microvita.com

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Aug. 11, 2015

Microvitum (stuff) / microvitum (singular) / microvita (plural)
- Fundamental controlling factor in a cosmological approach not based on "crudification" but on life.
- Along with (subtle) energy, the primary causal faculty in subwave creation.
- Infinitesimal systematic desynchronizations of the (implicit) subwave fabric of creation.
- Ubiquitously and instantaneously interacting macrocosmic psycho-kinetic potential.
- Axiomatic or principal modes of Swabhava, having either a pro-matter or pro-mind effect.
- Fundamental principle of non-thermodynamic energy involvement.
- Primordial self-organising principle of a boundless open dynamical system (Bhavastha).
- Proposed mode of "spontaneous" symmetry breaking in Quantum Field Theory (making the need of "re-normalization" obsolete..).
- Inertial quantum vacuum fluctuations (unlike the Higgs boson, not necessarily related to elementary particles)
- Quantization of the Dirac bi-spinor, also accounting for Pauli Exclusion.
- Primary causal agent of Macrocosmic creation templates (i.e. "dark matter"), while in that very same capacity working through all life forms
- "Nothing but the Grace of the Lord" (reported quote of Shrii P.R. Sarkar)
- Etc..

Emanation (i.e. of "Cosmic Factor", etc..)
- The concept that divinity is actively present and engaging in its creation, very unlike e.g. the artificial and aloof "God" of Sankhya (Janya Iishvara).

Endoplasmic coverage
- The conditional appearance of structure, i.e. without (the need of) considering the primordial cause (specifically here, microvita and energy).

Perception vs. conception
- In microvita cosmology, the "observer" is not necessarily the same as the "subject". This allows the following definitions:
-- Perception: interaction between the Knower-I and Doer-I
-- Conception: interaction between (A & B) subjective and (A & B) objective

- A virus is made of millions of atoms, and atoms are the consolidated creation of billions of microvita. Nevertheless, what is commonly called "virus" could appropriately be called a "microvitum" as it fulfills all the principal characteristics of microvitum (as above) within the proper cosmological setting.

Bottled-up energy
- The concept of bottled-up energy does not violate E=mc2 in terms of proportionality, but only in terms of principle. Matter is not transmuted energy. Maybe once, but then still not in the Einsteinian sense. Bottled-up energy is energy seeking shelter within itself, steered by positive microvita, forming initial forms of atoms and molecules. Actual atoms etc. can only exist during external interaction, i.e. when there is a temperature (i.e. in the planes of physicality).

Silver lining of demarcation between matter and abstract
- The complex, interactive, egde-of-equilibrium state of creation, specifically referring to microvita cosmology. "Lining" can simply mean "line", but especially also "enclosure" or "envelope", or more technically "surface topology". The latter refers to a topological approach of energy flowing into creation (suggested to create quantum spin as its primary epi-phenomena and causing "Pauli Exclusion"). "Silver" may playfully hint at silver as the color of the Ajna Cakra, the controlling point of mind.

Positive vs. negative microvita
- Positive microvita steer energy into the creation of initial / prototype etc. forms of existence. Negative microvita are the primordial or cosmic cause of vibrations (which help manifest the initial forms). Note that the causality is subtle, i.e. positive and negative microvita cannot be seen entirely independently from their psychic and physical effects.


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