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A Quantum Theory of Microvita

editor: Frank van den Bovenkamp

An atom is NOT a LEGO model
Addressing microvita questions using the tool of the QFT synchronized path integral - April 7, 2017

In the latest Bomrim issue (dec. 2016), the question was raised how to interpret P.R. Sarkar's note that a carbon atom is created through the collaboration of billions of microvita, and especially what that would imply for subatomic particles such as the electron.

“An electron is one of the smallest compounds in an atom. Microvita compose the electron in such a way that millions of microvita create a single electron and billions of microvita create an atom.” - quoted in Bomrim, from R. Gauthier, 1992

Based on the QFT synchronized path integral it appears that Gauthier's initial intuition was roughly correct, at least in the sense that the microvitic nature of atoms also includes its electrons.

In terms of a quantum theory of microvita, the idea is that in the presence of conservation laws, a synchronized groundstate (quantum field) bifurcates into a nuclear and a radiant aspect, resonantly bound together. The result could be a Hydrogen or any bigger atom. It remains however one undivided entity.

The synchronized or anharmonic path integral - click to see video

The bifurcated, synchronized groundstate has the following unique properties (among others) that closely relate to the concept of microvita as introduced by Sarkar:

• The created entity has a (more) physical and a (more) abstract part, and the synchronized quantum fluctuations exists precisely at the boundary, sustaining both an internal, simultaneous cycle, and an external, sequential cycle. This can exactly be calculated.

• The precisely defined synchronized quantum fluctuations (phase waves) form a set of distinct articulations (like wave crests coming together), per cyclic period corresponding to the known 10 degrees of freedom of quantum fields, as well as the "10 counts" in Vedic science.

• The number of periods of the internal cycle is unlimited in principle - it is a simultaneous state. The more the better - not more charge or more mass, etc.. - just more unit integrity. Therefore the number of articulations is also unlimited. The properties of the latter make it a very likely candidate to be of microvitic nature, in the broadest sense as meant by P.R. Sarkar.

• Also the synchronized path integral has an intrinsic 3-dimensional quality. That is, rather than being applied to 3D space, it projects 3-dimensionality out of itself, thus out of a non-dimensional state, through well defined vacuum geometrization.

Therefore, based on the concept of the synchronized path integral (or groundstate), the same microvita that constitute the atom as a whole, also constitute its components. One cannot separate one from the other as they form one single system, poised on the edge of equilibrium. An atom is not a LEGO model - thinking beyond bricks is the mark of a true architect. The architect of the universe does not think in terms of piling bricks, but in terms of locally and non-locally operating resonances, together weaving the cosmic web.

In terms of a working model this is neither speculative nor philosophy. One may argue about the precise interpretations, but the mathemathics of the synchronized state is completely transparent and reproducible. Technically at least it appears to be consistent with the Vedic science of Sankhya (not the popularized chapters). Plus it is deeply compatible with Quantum Field Theory, although the latter fails to ascertain the hidden, synchronized state.

Also, aforementioned quantum wave articulations represent guna interaction permutations (i.e. not guna's) - that is the "single point" at which the guna's each time work together. The dimensionless guna's appear to identify resp. geometrical relations forming the causal matrix of quantum fluctuations.

The main properties and interactions of the synchronized groundstate are shown in detail in the RECENT VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV5KjgRo2c8. A scientific paper on the same, while also relating to Hydrogen eigenstates, is currently being reviewed.

Using this new tool, everyone can draw their own conclusions based on reproducible mathematics, with minimum speculation.

Conclusively one can say that if 20 billion microvita collaborate to form one atom, these same 20 billion microvita also form the electron. In microvita terms, the atom is one undivided entity - it is nothing but what the causal matrix looks like through the prism of conservation laws, bringing the hidden quantum reality to light in the realm of time, place and person.

A mathematical working model has now been proposed. It is transparent and open for discussion, expansion and improvement. By using this, or any concrete working model for that matter, the discourse can evolve from microvita talk to microvita science.


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