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Microvita / "Four Chambers" / sub-wave theory

Creational axiom: Creational axiom: Creational axiom:
"Shiivashaktyatmakam Brahma" "A Very Clever and Interesting Explanation of the Newest Ideas on Life, the Universe and Everything Else " "This is a new line of thinking.. We have to introduce new terms: Jina Purusa, Krta Purusa.." (1)
Note: BOTH are "Purusa" aspects, in other words, both are imminent faculties of "consciousness".
What it really means: What it really means: What it really means:
Philosophical self-reference (consciousness incl. its internal operating mode "A <--> A + B"), based on and already anticipating its DUALISTIC solution.
Comment: Brahma in reality always remains the same, only for the sake of argument a different name is used if it relates to its own creative force.
"I really have no idea what I'm talking about, just need to have something to entertain my audience who are lacking the time and / or the instruments to test my assertions" Theoretical self-reference (sub-wave recurrence). "The position of energy and microvita is on this silver line of demarcation between matter and abstract".
Comment: for microvita and energy to be real, this "silver lining" cannot be a mere virtual demarcation - something is actually happening there, and this is the fundamental interactions of the dimensionless sub-wave structure of the Universe
How it is simply explained / interpreted: How it is simply explained / interpreted: How it is simply explained / interpreted:
Philosophical "POLARITY" or literal composite style of "Shiiva" and "Shakti", such that "A = B + C". "Ah, so we have philosophical polarity, and now we also have theoretical polarity, well then let's simply say the two are the same (and conveniently ignore that there is no rationale behind it or any hint for it in literature). And why not introduce my OWN 'new term' for it (such as for example 'Bi-polarity') to rub it in even deeper". Theoretical "POLARITY" between "Doer-I" and "Knower-I" - "A, B subjective, A, B objective, .." (1)
The "solution": The "solution": The "solution":
Instead of saying that this idea of polarity is shallow or mistaken, the difference with the original axiom is DUALISTICALLY RESOLVED, or rather, unpacked, through "Tayoh siddhih saincara pratisaincara ca". This "Cycle of Creation" is by itself not real or unreal, it is rather a CONSEQUENCE of our (deliberate or confused or simply complacent) CHOISE to understand the original creation axiom in a polarized way. A direct realization of the original axiom would neither yield a "Cycle of Creation" nor its pantheon of philosophical archetypes.
So, the "Cycle of Creation" on the one hand appears to show a path out of our dualistic condition, but at the same time consolidates that very same condition and utterly depends on it.
"Ah, let's take some of the convenient philosophical archetypes ('Citta', 'Annamayakosa', Fundamental Factors, etc.. etc.. ) RESULTING from dualistically solving a philosophical creation axiom, and thus avoid the need of developing our conceiving power". A theory which NOT already pre-supposes a dualistic philosophical solution, immediately requires a different, original creational axiom, i.e. a "new line of thinking", which is then by definition being studied AS IT IS.

"This is not an easy subject" - Shrii P.R. Sarkar (1)

"I think, by dint of our spiritual sádhaná, rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sádhaná, our minds will develop in all strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita". - Shrii P.R. Sarkar

Additional note
: ironically, it is not P.R. Sarkar's "new line of thinking" per sé, but the ongoing public attempts
to depreciate it through mixing it up with convenient "old line of thinking" concepts, which causes the latter
to be over-exposed as pre-intuitional bed-time stories which are obviously meant for sweet dreams, NOT "to
solve certain problems in society in a nice way"
. It's doesn't need to be like that - both approaches have their
own unequalled value and resplendence.

P.R. Sarkar (1): Microvita and Cosmology
P.R. Sarkar (2): Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor

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