On the Shore of the Boundless Ocean

One disciple's personal account

"Once I had a vision in which Shrii P.R. Sarkar showed me the backstage - "subspace" was the word he used. In this subspace,

there was no space-time continuum,
there was no past, present and future,
there was no here and there.

No end, no beginning! Everything was happening at the same time and in the same place! I could not understand or comprehend!

Then he showed me an analogy: what we see as the reality are only the waves on the surface of the lake or ocean. Underneath the waves, there is stillness, the depth, …and this connects all the waves together! Microvita is what he was trying to explain me!"

"Shrii Sarkar used this word: "subspace"...as there was no other word to explain it! This subspace was beyond what one can understand about our visible world! What we see, as said in many ancient scriptures, is a Liila, a play of Maya. The reality of subspace was very abstract, and I believe beyond the comprehension of human mind.

Without the waves and lake analogy, I could not understand what I saw. I say, this vision was that every wave was influencing others in one way or the other and creating all kind of patterns!

These patterns of reality are in perfect harmony. So here it is where the game starts, to bring our minds back in perfect coherence with that One Universal Entity"

By: K. (shared with his permission). See also: "Into the Cosmic Nucleus"

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