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"Trigun´a´tmika´ srs´t´ima´trka´ ashes´atrikon´adha´ra´"

"In the Primordial Entity a countless number of linear waves are taking place in the different flows of sattva [sentient], rajah [mutative] and tamah [static]. Their triple-attributional flows go on evolving triangles or different other multi-conical or polygonal diagrams. Even these polygonal diagrams are gradually getting transformed into triangles due to homomorphic evolution." - P.R. Sarkar, "Theory of Creation"

The "Guna Trikona " or Causal Matrix is proposed to represent and function as nothing less than the ultimate synthesis of all creation - physical and biological - out of a singular, unchanging groundstate. The current models resp. animations are not meant to be technically accurate but to serve as an intuitional guide into the primordial stages of the universe.

The triangle, consisting of axiomatic action potentials (phil. "guna's"), has a different significance before the phase of auto-genesis, and after, when the whole figure again constitutes the (same) Causal Matrix, and so on. Therefore there must exist a singular, Primordial Entity which constitutes the ultimate synthesis of the subsequent, self-referring phases.

As that Primordial Entity or groundstate is creating yet unchanging (homeomorphic evolution), its fundamental bearing is that of svabhava, literally "self-flow" (techn. "self-reference"), whereas the (philosophical or physical) bifurcation applies to the created stage. The matter wave then constitutes samabhava, that is, "same-flow" (sequential cycle).

But, as Sarkar has stated empathically, all creation is internal. Also the matter wave proverbially "breaking out" of the Causal Matrix, in truth remains completely internal. This confirms that the Causal Matrix envelopes all creational stages, and thus the physical universe is entirely realized by, and embedded within svabhava, without fundamentally changing the latter at all.

Each model resp. animation above contains the three action potentials or "guna's" in the hidden, simultaneous and synchronized state of svabhava, and at the same time represents a single "guna" in samabhava. By way of philosophical analogy, the matter wave represents the static principle, the double-dashed line the mutative (resonant), and the triangle the sentient.

Summarizing, this introduction into the Causal Matrix is all about getting intuitive with the svabhava - the eternal "self-flow" we commonly refer to as "Consciousness". The sections below present numerous aspects of a working hypothesis of the origin and significance of "microvita" on the brink of cosmic auto-genesis, progressively building on a framework of philosophy, mathematics and Quantum Field Theory.

Auto-genesis through self-reference and philosophical bifurcation - the Guna Trikona as a whole here functions as the sentient operator