Introducing Microvita and Cosmology

A shell on the sea-shore is a beautiful analogy of microvita cosmology. The shape spiraling into a centre, so that the final point represents the whole, is like the synthesis of microvita by the Cosmic "Doer-I". The sea symbolizes the planes of inferences, the infinite Cosmic Ocean, controlled by the "Knower-I", supplying subtle Energy to all living forms. And the beach is the material world, supporting the whole creation.

According to Shrii P.R. Sarkar, it is through microvita that energy gets the support of conscience (not: "consciousness") behind it. This way, energy can be steered into the creation of living things. Scientists today cannot fully explain this yet. But they do have some clues, such as "complexity theory", which to some extend lifts matter out of the tight grip of the laws of physics.

To understand this better and develop practical utilisations, it is important not to see microvita as the "smallest particles of Consciousness", but as the smallest particles of the creation. Besides microvita, the other primordial Faculty indicated by Shrii Sarkar is (subtle) energy, plus the resp. objective counterparts of microvita and energy (so, 4 in total). Unlike in philosophy they have equal status and significance, i.e. microvita and energy are both original "Purusa" Faculties.

Consciousness contains and transcends all of this primordial stuff, however Sarkar uses the less philosophical term here instead, "Nirvishesa".

The spiral (like a sea shell) or a vortex or torus is a helpful analogy, how energy flows "intelligently" into the living creation. In physics, that is, thermodynamics, this is not known. Again, by analogy, one could see microvitum as the center of the spiral or vortex, and the source of that energy is the Infinite Ocean of the Supreme Cognitive Entity, the subtle medium of vibration. Vice versa, when microvita enter into the realm of cognition, they generate objective vibrations.

This way, we can discern another type of "cycle of creation", not based on the psychological ideas of crude or subtle, but on microvita and energy, that is, the "Doer-I" and "Knower-I" of the Universal Entity as was pointed out by Sarkar, together creating the eternal dance of life.

Those who want to dive deeper into the subject, will soon realize that the original medium of microvita and energy is not normal physical space, but subtler. This we could call, technically, subspace, and Sarkar used the term Bhavastha, or Abstract - the deep Ocean of Creation.

In the medium of the subspace, that is, in the Abstract, exist subwaves. Somewhat akin to the geometric patterns among the guna's in the state of homomorphic evolution (in philosophy), subwaves also form geometric patterns. These geometric patterns reflect the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" Faculties of creation. Hence Sarkar said, when microvita move into the realm of vibration, they create subwaves. Microvita are like "codes" in the subwave fabric of the Universe. This subtle is how microvitum, the emanation of Cosmic Factor, is - it's a realm of codification, rather than "particles" in the real sense.

Without microvita, there are no subwaves, and no medium is created which can become vibrational. Thus Microvita help create the vibrational medium. This is "negative" microvita. Positive microvita help create the shape of life, that is, all forms of existence, just like a sea shell. In this case, microvita function as a subjective attractor. In the case of negative microvita, they function as a generic source. Both are equally important, and "negative" or "positive" are only relative terms.

So, through intuitional survey we will better and better perceive the inner workings of the Bhavastha, and how the Cosmic "Doer-I" and Universal "Knower-I" emerge within it. We'll get to understand it in a feeling kind of way, not intellectually at first. Then, the concept can be worked out by scientists without loosing the precision Shrii Sarkar has put into it.

In some way, it is a new type or version of sadhana (spiritual practice), exploring a new line of thinking about the Creation.