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A Quantum Theory of Microvita

editor: Frank van den Bovenkamp


Microvita and the creation and annihilation of particles - reviewing a quantum-microvita 101

".. Creation- and annihilation operators represent an energy equilibrium in the physical plane. Therefore, proposing an equivalence of microvita and creation- annihilation operators is simply yet another twist of the Copenhagen Interpretation..."

In quantum physics it is well established that elementary particles are created "out of the blue" and again annihilated all the time. This does not violate conservation laws, because it typically concerns particle-antiparticle pair excitations. In other words, the conventional equilibrium is not disturbed.

Can this be reconciled with P.R. Sarkar's note that "billions of microvita consolidate to form one atom"? In other words, are microvita involved in the creation and annihilation of particles? Note that this could in principle involve not only matter particles (fermions) but also energy excitations (bosons).

Particle creation and annihilation is a physical process which can be described through so called operators. The latter is purely a mathematical tool, not introducing new physics by itself. A creation operator increases the number of particles in a particle system by one, and an annihilation operator reduces it by one.

Now one might easily be tempted to argue that microvita, like the creation- and annihilation operators in quantum physics, help preserve the (macrocosmic) equilibrium, so that would make them sort of equivalent. In terms of microvita theory however this is problematic.

Whereas the confined case (nucleus) theoretically consists of an infinite number of virtual particles (gluons and "sea quarks"), their momentary creation and annihilation is purely based on the Feynman representation of an external interaction. In other words, the sea of virtual particles is tailored to represent a temporary energy state and is therefore by definition not microvitic in nature.

Instead, billions of microvita constitute "the original form of atom" (Sarkar). In other words, microvita create atoms as an integral whole, as a blueprint as it were. On the contrary, creation- annihilation operators operate within the jurisdiction of conservation laws, equally in the case of off so-called mass shell particles. Thus the atoms' constituent particles (valence as well as virtual), to which creation- and annihilation operators apply, purely represent the physical plane, that is, the world of time, place and person.

The fact that quantum operators make use of imaginary numbers does not change that. On the contrary, imaginary numbers could in fact, by way of an illicit generalization, conceil the fact that there exists a discrete for example a phase discipline of certain quantum field excitations which could account for yet unknown physics.

Moreover, according to Sarkar's general thesis, microvita appear to constitute a unique qualitative aspect of the creation. Neither quantum physics' creation- and annihilation operators as such, nor the context in which they appear, remotely account for any such prospective qualities - they belong to the quantitative world.

(Note: in the deconfined state there are no virtual particles and thus the number of particles is very limited. The ultimate case of deconfinement of course is light, in other words, energy).

So in summary, microvita not only arguably constitute a much finer form of equilibrium than quantum physics' "one-on-one" creation- and annihilation operators, also by their very definition they function in a different plane. It's quite literally two different, indeed complementary worlds of equilibrium.

It is a distinction which may neither be detectible mathematically, nor through a "quantum-microvita 101" which is nothing more than the sum of the parts. Quantum physics' history is equally troubled: it was exactly an ostensible "triumph" of mathematics over physics which gave us the idea that there exists no hidden (quantum) world. This became known as the Copenhagen Interpretation. Obviously, according to the latter there could not exist such thing as Sarkar's "new line of thinking". Feynman's diagrams of a sea of virtual particles didn't change that. In that case it would have been discovered decades ago and would quite likely have obliterated the Copenhagen Interpretation in favour of a new paradigm. So far for the "unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics".

Therefore, proposing an equivalence of microvita and creation- annihilation operators is simply yet another twist of the Copenhagen Interpretation. Or, with Sarkar's introductory phrase: "that which we don't understand... we say it is abstract". At best it merely creates the illusion of novelty, at worst it will once more set back the clock a century or more - at a far more critical junction in time.

To realize the complementary, but distinctly different functional equilibria ("Purusa's") requires a sound introduction in, and application of quantum field theory as well as microvita theory, creating a synthesis which is more than the sum of the parts. Once this is done and, philosophically speaking, once the self-reference ("swabhava") is thus realized and implemented in quantum physics, one could begin to think that the universe is all mathematics. Until then, such musings mean little more than playing on Newton's seashore.

In summary, a different approach is proposed which is fully compatible with quantum physics' particle creation and annihilation, and which at the same time shows how literally billions of "microvita-like" excitations preserve the equilibrium in the hidden plane (scalar field). This is the synchronized (or anharmonic) path integral. The latter constitutes a unique type of equilibrium in and of itself, not based on conservation laws, which is deeply compatible with, but currently unknown in quantum field theory.

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