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A Quantum Theory of Microvita

editor: Frank van den Bovenkamp


Can "microvitic QFT" explain gravity?

.. what we normally conceive as "gravity" could essentially be an effect of the self-reference ("svabhava") in the world of time, place and person, whereas the way how this works is explained as "microvitic QFT".

Isaac Newton was the first to conceptualize gravity and succesfully applied it to the movements of the moon and the planets. But Newton was very well aware that he had not explained what gravity really is, or what causes it.

Paul Diracs "mathematical coup" attempting to unify quantum physics and relativity led to the famous Dirac equation. One of the outcomes was the prediction of a new particle, the positron (anti-electron), which was later indeed discovered.

The Dirac equation however only relates to special relativity, not to general relativity, and therefore does not explain gravity in terms of quantum physics. Einsteins theory of general relativity itself describes gravity as "the curvature of space" around massive objects, i.e. not a force, but fails to explain how or why stars and planets "inform" the space around them to be curved.

In other words, to this day, gravity remains an unexplained phenomenon both in classical and modern physics, and therefore it is not part of the Standard Model of particles and interactions.

Also microvita theory, resp. microvita cosmology, does not explictly explain gravity and P.R. Sarkar does not even mention it. There may however lie a clue in the idea that microvita maintain the balance in the macrocosm.

First, on a somewhat (yogic-) psychological note, we navigate the world based on propensities and inferences. "Propensities" in this context refers mainly to the inner sensory perceptions (the actual colors we see, sound we hear, etc..), whereas "inferences" refers to physically measurable waves. We automatically assume that both realms are perfectly aligned. But are they really?

Whereas physics is absolutely clueless when it comes to the true cause and nature of our perceptions, quantum field theory (QFT) nevertheless provides an interesting and well tested conceptual framework. In QFT, the scalar field is the all-pervasive field that gives mass to particles (and maybe also has other qualities). The scalar field is normally hidden. When it starts interacting with matter however, in theory it exhibits two crucial properties:

1) A "Vacuum Expectation Value" (VEV), a sort of (scalar) electrostatic potential
2) A "Goldstone mode or -boson", a quantum oscillation of the field

Thie consitency of this theory was experimentally confirmed by CERN in 2011/2012.

It is hypothized that in a real life, complex situation, these resp. scalar field interactions are controlled by positive and negative microvita, or for that matter, "positive resp. negative microvitic effects". Back to yoga-psychology: the VEV could more closely relate to the inner sensory perceptions, whereas the Goldstone oscillation relates to physical waves.

It's interesting to note here that in terms of Sarkar's "Theory of Creation" (A.S. Ch. 4), the VEV is reminiscent of "nada", that is, continuous flow, and the Goldstone oscillation to "kala", flow with curvature.

Now, would these "positive resp. negative microvitic effects" be perfectly balanced? To say that this depends on the perspective might be somewhat unscientific. Better is to say, that they create a complex (self-referring) equilibrium, "swabhava", which all by itself is independent of the factors of time, space and person.

In this "microvitic QFT", the framework of time and space (and thus physics) is however imminent. It could be hypothized that in the actual context of the latter, the equilibrium requires and manifests through one external factor, and this factor is gravity.

In other words, what we conceive as "gravity" is essentially how the equilibrium of the svabhava manifests in the world of time, place and person, whereas the way how this works is explained in "microvitic QFT".

Moreover, with the proposed Synchronized Path Integral solution of "microvitic QFT", this can be shown in more detail. Namely, there is a small mismatch between the phase-wave- and spacial geometries, resulting in an uneven or unresolved, and probably unresolvable confinement of the quantum fields. The constant dynamism trying, as it were, to align the phase-wave with the spacial geometries might account for the effect of gravity.

Synchronized subwave- vs. emerging space geometry. See the approximately (~)
matching values.

In terms of microvita theory - microvita maintain the balance in the macrocosm, internally in the form of a self-referring equilibrium (svabhava), and externally through the objective faculties of propensities and inferences... plus gravity!!

Indeed it is the so called subjective faculties (organizing principles), that is Jina Purusa and more so Krta Purusa, which are currently little or unknown in physics, that need to be studied deeply in order for science to make a much needed leap forward.

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