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A Quantum Theory of Microvita

editor: Frank van den Bovenkamp


Microvitum is not explained by imaginary numbers

In microvita theory, P.R. Sarkar does not use the guna's of philosophy, but instead introduces the concept of subwaves.

"Waves are created when microvita move through the media of inferences. Inferences are the major waves, but sub-waves are created in them by moving microvita. The major waves function as the controlling waves for the sub-waves." 1

For example, an electron at a certain primary quantum level (manifested hydrogen energy state) is the main- or matter wave. The "original form of atom" 8 is a blueprint constituting all possible energy levels at once, generated out of the substratum. Through the application of conservation laws, i.e. in the "planes of inferences" 8, each time a single step in energy level is known.

When subwaves are properly synchronized, in a style which is closely related to the Trigunatmika 9 (Causal Matrix or Mulaprakrtii) of philosophy, this state all by itself neither implies a synthesis nor a reduction. In other words, there is no bifurcation and thus no creation. It merely constitutes an inner equilibrium, and this is the Purusa state called Krta Purusa.

After the bifurcation, matter and energy become manifest. Does this mean that all of physics is essentially but an eternal play of subwaves? This is not exactly true. Matter waves do have a certain proximity to the hidden field. Lightwaves on the contrary, or generally energy waves are massless and therefore unbound. Yet each and every lightwave, or photon, constitutes a unique equilibrium in the planes of inferences and thus in a sense could be viewed as a physical "causal matrix". This is called Jina Purusa, and is pure energy.

Now, an equilibrium in the physical planes is not simply a consequence or reflection of the equilibrium of the hidden planes, or "psychic worlds" 8. There is a constant dynamism between the two. If the synthesis is prominent, propensities are created. If on the other hand the reduction is prominent, pure vibration (generic essence) is created in the physical world. Whereas both interactive, objective factors constantly gravitate toward each other, they are involved in an eternal play or svabhava, and thus the universe never comes to an end.

With regard to the hidden equilibrium or Krta Purusa, the "concentrated form of microvita" 8, different ideas are being put forward. In fact Sarkar hinted at this in his opening phrase when introducing microvita theory:

"It is one of the human wonts that whatever we do not know, in order to conceal our limitations or hide our imperfections, we either say that it is non-existent, or in a more intelligent style, we will say it is an abstract." 2

1. In quantum physics, the existence of a hidden, yet active equilibrium is not yet suspected, so there are no deliberate attempts to solve it and hence there simply is no discourse.

2. One author 3,4 believes that microvita theory can be explained in terms of Shiva and Shakti. Referring to Sarkar's introductory phrase, this is obviously a case of complete denial, and thus the less intelligent style. Moreover, Sarkar remarked:

"So long as he entertains distinction between Shiva and Shakti, and consequently between Brahma and self, he tries in vain to attain the bliss and goes on entangling himself more and more in the web of samskara's." 5

See also the article "Microvita is not Shiva Shakti philosophy". 6

3. One author 7 believes that microvita theory is explained by the existence of imaginary numbers in physics. In other words, it is "abstract". The use of imaginary numbers such as in the Schrödinger equation by itself does not introduce or even hint at the Krta Purusa. In fact the opposite is true - it is a tool that allows physicists to describe for example an orbiting electron using classical physics, in other words, conservation laws. By no means it predicts a phase discipline that activates the substrata. While this is wittingly or unwittingly the somewhat more intelligent style of denial, there is no subjective synthesis and thus no intrinsic novelty in this kind of thinking. It utterly negates the unique qualities of a Purusa beyond the known world of thermodynamics.

Especially the latter two testify to Sarkar's ominous foresight while formulating his opening phrase.

In short, microvitum is not explained with imaginary numbers, and much less by Shiva Shakti philosophy. Nor is it explained in quantum physics. But the latter, that is rather, Quantum Field Theory, does provide a very profound and sofar well tested framework to explore the hidden faculty of the universe.

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