date: april 2016

Update april 29, 2016

After below publication, the owner(s) of, instead of taking some much needed
creative action, are now hiding themselves behind an anonymous proxy registration.

They seem not to understand that the point is not to own this or that fancy
domain for yourself, but to utilize this public resource for the best interest of all.

Also, there is no public indication whatsoever anymore that the righteous owner is AMPS., presenting itself as the "official microvita website" and top-listed on Google, has effectively not been taken care of since more than a decade. Consequently, when people who are interested in P.R. Sarkar's microvita science do an online search, what they find is a sloppy, measly website which looks like the early days of the internet and probably is. The current stakeholders are, in order of significance:

1. Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha - official registrant organisation, i.e. owner of the domain.

2. Karl Andersson / Ac. Unmantrananda Avt. - holds the admin email ( as well as tech contact. The only one who currently (officially) has access to everything concerning the domain and the website.

3. Br. Dharmadeva / Dieter Dambiec (AUS) - owns the hosting domain of the admin email ( Also "rescued" the domain lately i.e. paid the renewal fee.

4. Ac. Vimalananda Avt. - traditionally providing (some of the) website content, but has basically not worked on it since a very long time.

5. Br. Dhruva / Clark Forden (US) - AM Inc. US, obviously representing AMPS re. past renewals of

Source: + private correspondence.

Despite extensive suggestions, appeals, efforts and pressure, those responsible for the domain so far have failed to take the very simple steps needed to update the website, whether collectively or individually.

As a consequence, we may be looking at yet another decade of negligent and outmoded representation of P.R. Sarkar's beautiful and important scientific theory.

It should be noted that the same is the case with, and that ***reportedly*** some of the same individuals are responsible.

Both these websites are neither representative for P.R. Sarkars work in these resp. fields, nor for Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha as a whole.

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