Transporting Positive Microvita from Calcutta to Gandhidham
How Shrii P.R. Sarkar used microvitized flowers to ward of an unknown disease

By Acarya Vandanananda Avadhuta

On 4th October 1989 I had gone to Calcutta for reporting. Baba was then staying in Madhu Malainca Lakegarden. Like any person I too, was feeling myself fortunate because I was going to meet the Lord, my Baba. The duty allotted to me was to impart the training to the Whole Timer candidates in Basic Training Centre (BTC) as CTS in Varanasi. Varanasi and Anandashila being at the distance of one night journey from Calcutta, myself and the CTS of Anandashila used to get the chance of attending the weekly reporting after every week. Wednesday was the day for the Training Centre and any CTS or the GTS (not didi) must be present at the outside of the door of Baba’s room ( Baba had approved my name as an examiner also so I used to so to different training centre to conduct the examinations).

Once during one of earlier reporting Baba had played a meaningful trick with me. My turn generally used to come after every 14th days. He summoned the G.S and me in His room. He was sitting on His cot. First He gave me a soul touching sermon. You know, He said 'The work which in a normal course needs a specific time to be done, should be completed with a faster speed in a lesser time. The time once gone is gone for ever and certainly out of your hand. The wise person should move faster, rather fastest, and complete the work much earlier than the time fixed for it'. You know He touched my heart as I was trying to grasp the meaning.

There was a little pause. His eyes were fixed on me. I found Him a bit serious. Then He continued: "I am fully depending on you to complete the work. We are to cover all the blocks and the districts of India at the earliest". I was not able to fathom what He was up to. In fact, I was not in the self and had already moved along Him. Folding my hand I nodded my head in affirmation and said yes Baba we should do. Well then, He said "We are to cover all the blocks and districts with workers. We can't wait for longer time . Presently I am in the need of 16 workers in a 4 weeks time. The choice of ratio as to how many you can give every week lies with you. You can give 4 each week or 8 in a first week and the rest with ensuing 3 weeks. The choice of numbering is yours". He then, became silent perhaps to know my response. My mind went back to take the stock of the 3 training Centres--Varanasi, Anandashila and Gandhidham. He was in the need of Brothers. I summoned courage and knowing the position of all the training centres I told "Baba we don't want to bring the candidates who are not fully trained". I tried to explain the position. Normally we used to bring one or two every week and that also just to avoid the zero mark- to save our skin. GS HE said “look he doesn't understand my speed”. He was a bit harsh.

As regard the covering of the villages, Panchayatas, Blocks and districts with work, we were told that the intelligent persons complete the below level work much earlier than the time fixed for. This ethos had already occupied my mind. The position of training centres, standard of trainees and the speed of Baba, all were lurking in mind together. I felt that I am lost. I had no choice but to accept the cosmic dictum. I raised my both the hands and prostrated before Baba. I was silently speaking in my heart. "O my Baba it is Thy work and Thou alone will do. Lord Thou you are not a human being, Thou you are The God. Thou alone can do any work at any moment. Nothing is impossible for you". When I raised myself I looked towards Him. He was smiling with blissful serenity. I was in Him and He was in me.

I retreated back to the first room. The G.S. followed me. G.S. dada how is it possible? You know the position well I said. G.S. reported back "You should have resisted. You should not have succumbed to the pressure". I couldn't understand the twin roles of the G.S., the role he played inside the room where he was favouring with Baba and the role outside the room. The reader will wonder to know that the extent of pressure was such that we had to produce all 16 in two weeks time and the pressure continued to the last days of Baba. We had no option but to pass the candidates within a week time of arrival of the candidates in the training centre. Later I realised that Baba was right. He knew that he would leave the world on 21st Oct. of 1990 so He wanted to do the maximum work in least possible time.

When I went to Calcutta for reporting in my next turn, the news of Ahmadabad had ready reached there. Acharya Bhavaprakashananda Avt had arrived with 11 candidates (6 for the current week and 5 for the next week) in the morning of 3rd Oct. The news he brought shocked everyone, especially me for I was directly concerned with the training centre.
As schedule, I was supposed to be there at Lake Garden before 5 in the morning. To be safest, I had stayed over the night there. We (I, the G.S. and PA) were in the first room sitting near door of Baba's room. The telephone rang-up. I picked up the receiver. The caller at other end was Ac. Vitmohananda Avt. - the CTS, Ahmedabad. He recognised my sound. "Brother", Ac. Vitmohananda says, "kindly bring this into the knowledge of Baba. You know well the things around training. You were here many times. How fresh air, water, natural and healthy surroundings and above all spiritual vibrations we have". That I know I said. But how it all happened, I enquired. "Brother" he said, "suddenly I found change in every fields. It changed from higher to the low and the lowest--nay worst. I can say. All inmates including me had developed an unusual symptom in our bodies. The swelling starts from lowest part of the body i.e., toe, and gradually rises to the legs, hips, penis, chest and then face. Finely the body becomes pale and weak. Vomiting is the death signal. You know one of trainees has already died and four are admitted in to hospital in a very precarious condition. They are struggling for their lives. Doctors have failed to diagnose the disease. Acharya Datatrey Brahmchary left after a week stay with hope that he would get the treatment in Bombay, on the way he vomited and died.
Please do me a favour. Bring this in to the notice of Baba. It is He and He alone can protect us. His blessing is the only hope, the only solace, the only rescue". His voice became feeble, perhaps the tears rolled down the cheeks. I could feel that the voice was not an ordinary voice but it was aimed at the Master - a SAVIOR. My heart struck to the lungs. I, with a very low voice said "Yes brother Baba should do and He will do".

I explained to the G.S. and the P.A. about what transpired between me and the CTS. I apprised them about the mental condition of all. Within 10 minutes the telephone rang up again. This time it was Dr A.K. Sah, an old and devout margi of Ahmedabad. Since very beginning, he had been the medical care taker of the trainees, of Ahmadabad BTC. He was dealing the present case also. He said "Dada some peculiar symptoms is there unknown to the medical world. We all doctors attending them, have failed to diagnose it. If something spiritual is not done, they all will die. Please seek blessing of Baba. He alone can guide us". I assured him that we will surely appraise Baba.

Baba had not yet opened the morning dialogue in which He first used to gather the news about the health of workers and then margiis and in special case if someone is sick and had already been in the knowledge of Baba. The day was the Wednesday - a day fixed for reporting for the training centres of India and Overseas. Each day was, conveniently booked for specific department or some special work considering its priority and urgency. The reporting day used to appear very tough because of tension, and ordeal, one had to sail along. Wednesday was the toughest day for these reasons. Firstly the transfer and posting is to be finalised before 5 AM in the morning which I believe was the brain-eating task. Secondly, one has to face Baba with all the detail of T.C. If there is any negative (it means if any trainee leaves the training centre) then it is worst. Thirdly, candidates are to be prepared to appear in 4 examinations conducted by 4 different persons. It all required lot of energy and then finally Personal Contact with Baba. It had been the most tensed day.

That Wednesday was the fateful day in the annual of mother Earth. I had to produce the candidates of the third week out of a lot of 16 candidates which I had promised to Baba. One can imagine the amount of pressure we had. I am very much thankful to Acarya Vitmohananda Avadhuta the CTS Ahmadabad, Acarya Sadhaneshvarananda Avadhuta the CTS Gandhidham and Acarya Nigmananda Avathuta the GTS who helped me fully in this respect. As per the arrangement we had made, candidates meant for this Wednesday had come from Ahmadabad. They all had swelling all over their bodies. After reaching Calcutta I was told that the candidate who had come from Ahmadabad are shaky and unstable. The reason is obvious. On another account we thought that it would be not good to send these candidates for PC in Baba's room. With all these factors confirming on my favour, I requested the G.S. dada to explain the whole situation to Baba. Here came the third phone call. It was from the. B.P "G" Ahmadabad - Sri Dwarika Bhai. What he told me over phone, I told the G.S dada. The story was the same.

I, the G.S. and the P.A. were sitting next to Baba's room very closely to door of Baba’s room. Anytime, Baba could start the morning conversation. Exactly at 5.13 am we heard Baba's voice. We three bent our heads down closer to the lowest panel of the door so that we hear Baba's voice. Often a few enquiry of a regular nature, Baba asked who had come for reporting. The G.S. dada told my name. Baba wanted to know about the training centre. I then requested the G.S. dada that now is the proper time and you should tell all about Ahmadabad. Here came the breakthrough. "Baba'", the G.S. said, "Ahmadabad training centre is not well. All the trainees and CTS are suffering with strange infection. One died after a brief illness. Four are in the hospital. Doctors are not able to reach in any finding". The G.S. became silent for a moment perhaps to know the response. We were all attentive with our lungs in mouths. After a while Baba broke the silence. He said "I know...... (Silence)... A special kind of negative microvita has come from another planet. It wants to destroy the living organism of this earth. It has no name. It effects will be more and quick on those who have no moustache and beard. The ladies will not be affected". He was telling as if He knew the whole. He said with authority "I will not allow to let the earth be destroyed". Baba became silent for nearly three hours. He was, what it appears to my mind, thinking of a contingency plan to wipe out the negative microvita which was bent upon to destroy the earth. He knew it well in advance as to how the negative microvita came to the earth and from where, how then it was, instead of spreading all over Earth, allowed to let it affects the Prashiksna Matta -- a holiest place where the devotee Acharyas live; where no negativities of any kind exist; where sadhana and kirtans are done 4 times a day; where Yama and Niyama, 16 points and Sanyasi rules are followed very strictly. In fact, it has become consecrated spiritually, thus it negated the effect of negative microvita incurring a negligible loss. Had it been allowed to work somewhere else, you can imagine it would have been disastrous. I feel the research in future on microvita will reveal the fact about the density and gravity of devastation, had it spread over other places and even all over the earth. Baba knew it and nibbed in the bud in a very natural manner.

During the period of Baba's silence, my mind was floating with many ideas, and the highest of all, was that Baba had taken the rope of chariot under His command. How Lord Krisna took the command and saved Vrindavana from drowning when devastating rain was bent upon to destroy him. My mind was up all the time and I enjoyed morning Sadhana the most. Around 9.20 am the bell of Baba's room rang up. We rushed to the door. Baba asked us to suggest an alternative place where the training centre can be shifted. I looked towards the G.S. and P.A. to know whether they have any place in their minds. Intelligently, the G.S. left it to me and did not come with any proposal. Number of times, since I had joined the training centre, I had expressed my mind to some of the concerning central workers with the proposal that now Varanasi was normal and undisturbed, the Ahmadabad Training Centre be shifted to Varanasi. My argument was that Madras Centre is virtually closed, Ahmadabad had less accommodation. How the dept is also struggling to coordinate amongst the three centres. And above all we must have sufficient show of strength at Varanasi to make the opponent feel our existence. The reason for which the Varanasi centre was split in four doesn't exist now. At the most there can be two centres, one at Varanasi and another at Anandashila. Hence, when asked by Baba about the alternative place, my mind jumped with joy. My eyes widened and glowed with light, and gleefully I told "Varanasi". You will wonder Baba was quick and said "No. Suggest some other place". He wanted to know if there is any place in district in Maharashtra, MP and Rajasthan adjoining Gujarat. As I had earlier worked as R.S. of Bombay and Jaipur Region I knew the whole area. I could not get any suitable place which can accommodate Training Centre conveniently. I found it no where. Hence I suggested Gandhidham which Baba liked and approved instantly.

Baba after a little pause said me "You bring flowers of red colour tallying with the numbers of persons affected by the negative microvita. I will not allow that negative microvita destroy the earth". I have seen and heard Him on many occasions when He had to command the Prakrti in favour of His devotees. His voice was in same tone and He was in full command. My mind went 3,500 years back, how Lord Krisna saved Vrindavan by raising the mountain on His finger, when the rain god was bent upon destroying it. That time Lord Krisna had also commanded the Prakrti with full authority. No force on the earth can bring any harm to anybody, if Lord's favour is there. Here Baba proved Himself to be the Lord - the great Saviour. Then Baba prescribed some do's and don't's for the affected persons. I noted down all very minutely. The prescriptions were as follows:

1a. Jeera (cumin seed) should be heated in 'Kalachhula' and heat it to the degree that it emits the smell. Remember it should not be burnt; then grind it in stone, add ‘sendha namak' (rock salt) in it to one's taste. It should not be more.
1b. Squash with hand the fully ripe red tomatoes and keep it in a glass; mix one table spoon or two tea spoons of above mixed powder (Jeera and salt) in one full glass of juice; filter it fully with thin clothes; then warm the juice either under the sun heat or fire until it becomes luke warm; then it should be taken. In no case it should be heated directly in fire. It should be taken twice once early morning when stomach is empty and the second time, five hours after the meal. By then food will be fully digested.
2. Under no circumstance, they are to consume white salt (obtained from the ocean).
3. In no condition they are to drink liquid and eat food which is cold. The drink and food should not be less than the body's temperature. It should always be taken luke warm.
4. They are to use wheat flour for chapatti and not the maeda.
5. Always raw rice and not pre-boiled rice is to be taken.
6. They are not to use mustard oil at all. If they so desire they can use ghee or groundnut oil, that also in a very little quantity.
7. They are not to use milk. The butter milk, but not the curd can be used that also in a small amount. It should be warm.
8. They should eat boiled vegetables, better greens. Leafy vegetable like Palaka (spinach) and bathua are very good for them. Unripe papaya should be eaten back.
9, Potatoes or roots (that which grows below the soil) should be taken very less better they should avoid it.
10. It is always better if they drink the well and stream water.

Then, usual routine was followed. Baba shifted to Tiljala Madhu Koraka by noon. I felt comfortable and tension free and so was the case with everyone. By evening, the information was sent to CTS Ac. Vitmohandaji about the whole development and accordingly Sri J. J. Todarmal the B.P.'G' of Gandhidham was also informed. The next morning I got up early, finished my personal duties, went to Baba quarter, did Gurupuja and silently left to collect the flowers. My mind was fully occupied with unseen expected mental status of Trainees of Ahmadabad, how they might be feeling after hearing the news. I was trying to measure it with my mind. It was around noon when Baba asked for the flowers which were promptly given to Baba by G.S. on white round plate obtained from Kinsukajii (the adopted son of Baba who was living in the same vicinity with his wife Tanuka). The plate was covered with white cloth. Baba was sitting in a Sahaja Asana on His cot, His body had white creamy shawl, and He had taken the plate of flowers in His hands. He signalled the G.S. to go out. I was much curious and my eyes down, I stood at the gate with my right ear on it. Baba was reciting some slokas. Unfortunately, we could not grasp it. It was perhaps Divine Invocation the Mahakoul might be doing to save the Jiivas (Koulas). It was beyond our reach. We all stood spellbound, looking towards each other, making gestures with hand whether they could make out any idea out of it. We all expressed our inabilities. Within two minutes the 'Divine Invocation' was over.
We may say that positive microvita were invoked in each and every flowers nay all over the earth.

The bell rang and the G.S. entered into Baba's room. And what I did? Mischievously struck the door half way with my leg and peeped inside the room. First, my eyes feel on Baba's face. I saw Baba sitting like Kalyan Sundram keeping the plate on His lap and hands around. I felt He had armoured the earth. The G.S. was coming out with the plate while I was lying flat on the ground doing sastang. Baba told me "You carry these flowers yourself". Remember, no flower should fall on the ground. Then, He explained me twice how to use the flowers to ward off the effect of negative microvita to be sure whether I had understood well. He asked me twice to repeat the process. And when He was sure that I had followed each point He signalled me with His right hand and said "now you can go". He gave me some more instructions. Such as, so long the sun is visible in the sky, bathing is to be done. They should bath neither before sunrise nor after sunset. Better if they take sunbath with little cloth on body. While bathing the back of the body should be towards the sun. They should look at neither the sun nor the moon. Nostril-watering is to be done with luke warm. Tie 'Kadam' leaves around legs and pennies if there is swelling. Shifting from Ahmadabad to Gandhidham is to be strictly done during the day time, not in the night. Everyone is to be shifted including those who are admitted in the hospital. If they feel any inconvenience they can be taken on statures. After a little pause He further said those who are young, especially who have no moustache and hairs below will be affected first. Ladies will not be affected. (Pause). This disease has no name. (Again pause). "Which train you are leaving by and when?" I said, "Baba I will be leaving this evening by Howrah-Ahmadabad express". Baba nodded His head with approval. I would feel that He had given His consent. I did sastang and came out of Baba's room. I still remember His face, His gesture, His voice, how Blissful and gracious He was. I found a glowing light and scent all-round Him. Each rose flower was kept separately in plastic cover and then put in a big rapper. I took it in my custody. I was always curious of it.

Process of appliance of microvitized flowers
First on Ajina cakra (Trikuti). Second on Anahat cakra. Third, Manipur cakra (naval point). Fourth, both the hands (wrists), first right and then left. Fifth, Svadhisthana. Sixth, at the end of penis. Seventh, testes (One after another). Eighth both the knees (right and left). Tenth Sahasrara cakra (Brahmarandra).One flower will not be used twice and under no condition should be used by two persons.

Why the process should end at Sahasrara cakra, it has a great meaning. After finishing all the bondage and effects of physicality it should end in the realm of spirituality. In Tiljala, everyone came to know about it and they rushed to me to know about the microvitized flowers. After making necessary arrangements for the use of microvitized flower on the candidates who had come from Ahmadabad to Calcutta, I left for Baba quarter, did sastang and left for Ahmadabad. The long tedious journey of 39 hours passed blissfully. I was in a different world of divine fantasy in which sometimes, my mind was at Calcutta moving along the whole series of events and sometimes at Ahmadabad with trainees as to how they might be feeling. Nevertheless, to tell the truth, I found myself in a state of ecstasy for I was carrying positive microvita from the land of Lord - the Saviour to the land of Yam - the destruction. Everyone had already come to know about microvitized flowers. Light of blessing and inspiration had entered in to everyone's heart. The moment, I was at the visible distance at Ahamadabad I noticed everyone started jumping with joy and the atmosphere was vibrated with the slogan "Parampita Baba Kii Jai, Amader Baba Kii Jai". Noticeably they were in a state of joy much more than what I saw at Tiljala. The receiver only can know what blessing is.

Supposing you were me, what had been the state of your mind. Now the Qula (cakrabu) erected by negative microvita which have no name, which have come from another planet, which have come to destroy the living organisms on Earth, its powerful fort had to be broken. Hence for a moment, I stopped at the main gate, and with my mind in Baba, I entered in Ashram and straightway went to the CTS room. I was well aware of my position hence, I kept the microvitized flower- the blessing - at a safest place and instructed everyone not to touch it. The evening and night passed with narration and explanation from both the sides, interestingly the Calcutta events, as to how Baba knew the whole much in advance, how He asked for the flowers, how the invocation was done etc. The preparation for shifting was also in full swing.

Next morning as schedule the chartered bus arrived. After doing collective Gurupuja we all boarded in bus. They had little clothes on their person and left behind everything, blankets, clothes, vessels, groceries and above all the building - the ashram. Even the white pet dog also joined us. We, especially I, felt sorry for Monia, a peacock and nearly 2 dozens of pigeons because it was I who had been instrumental to nurture them from the chicks. They were the part of our family. The moment of final departure from the land of destruction came and when the driver pressed the starter, everyone's minds and hearts were charged with emotion, and with full throat all of them raised the slogan "Parama Pita Baba Kii Jai", Amader Baba Kii Jai". I, with obsession, looked towards the ashram. It bore a deserted look and Monia who was perched on the gate wall, of the Ashram crocked, I could feel that it was the pain of separation. The neighbours who off course were very few, but closely associated felt that pinch of pain in their hearts. The bus moved and headed towards the hospital. The GTS was in the charge of caravan. In hospital, we had to face a great ordeal. The reason was obvious. The doctors who were in the charge of boys, refused to hand over the patients. It is a 100% risky they argued. Fatality may occur any time. After a long pursuance and assurance given by Dr. A.K. Sah, they released the boys. Dr. A.K. had to give an undertaking in writing. Here it would not be an exaggeration if I say that Dr. Sah had a considerable knowledge of microvita and he was fully convinced that it was the role of negative microvita that had brought the Ashram into a sorry state of affairs. To my utter surprise, I found all the 4 boys, in a very bad state of health. None had the moustache and beard.

What next then. We headed towards Gandhidham with sweet hearts and minds. I was always conscious of my position and microvitized flowers. I never parted with the flowers .
The bus reached Gandhidham around 3.00 afternoon. All the necessary arrangements had already been made by Sri J.J. Todarmal, the BP 'G' of Gandhidham with the help of his team of devoted margiis. First, outside the Ashram all the clothes what the trainees had on their persons were burnt. They put on new clothes. While reciting mantras, we all entered into the Ashram. It was the first entry into Prashiksana Matha. In the front of the hall of Madhakamal (Baba's quarter in the same premises), everyone assembled. The whole area was vibrated with Baba Nam Kevalam and slogan. I first entered into hall and as instructed called first the CTS and then all the trainees inside. With all reverence and obeisance to Baba, the microvitized flowers were applied to everyone one by one in solitude in a separate room. I collected the entire flowers and asked Sri Todarmalji to help me submerge in the river at the delta stage and it was exactly done as Baba had asked me to do. Thus the negative microvita were warded off forever at least from the earth.
Then the Bhajan, kiirtan sadhana and gurupuja was done. Everyone then was leading a normal routine of Prashiksa Matha. Everybody was happy. This is how the Lord Anandamurti the Saviour of Humanity saved the earth from destruction. Here, I reveal one miracle which really surprised me after appliance to all affected.

Surprisingly one flower was left in wrapper which I am still preserving with me.

Ac. Vandanananda Avt.

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