Interview with Dr. Klaus Volkamer

Selection of quotes highlighting obvious parallels between Vedic science and Shrii P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory. Some quotes are abbreviated:

"There are predictions from Vedic science and Greek philosophy that there is a form of matter which we cannot see with the naked eye, and that this invisible form of matter is even the bases of space-time reality / geometry and also the basis of consciousness.."

"I started with experiments, the first experiment worked, and I now have the feeling that subtle matter can be proven also from an objective point of view.."

"There have been people around since thousands of years who have subjectively experienced this form.."

"It is astonishing that this form of matter shows a sort of quantized behavior and also shows particles, and that these particles have a mass content that is identical to the Planck mass.."

"With these quanta of subtle matter we can really extend modern science, we can construct a space-time reality based on this form of matter.."

"Within this space-time geometry, we can formulate the existence of particles with very regular geometrical structure using Platonic bodies, and with this we can even calculate rest-masses of particles.."

"Our consciousness which interacts with this form of matter works at the level of Planck scale.."

"These quanta are small living beings so to say with all aspects of consciousness, and can associate to form higher forms of consciousness, such as human, animal or plant.."

"One can really use these quanta to construct an extended science, where everything in the universe is completely springing out of the geometrical associations of subtle matter, so that everything in the universe finally has a living background.. Life is omnipresent in the universe.. every atom has a living background structure.."

"With this higher dimensional background structure of particles, we can start to explain anomalies in physics which so far had no special explanation.. For example the particle-wave duality.."

"A particle has a highly geometric background structure of this form of subtle matter, which is a field-like wave structure.."

"In the waking state we have reduced our cognition to such an extend, due to our education from partents and school, that we loose our ability to look into higher dimensions.."

"This subtle form of matter yields a lot of explanation in the scientific world, and also the subject is an area of our own personal life.."

"Due the this regeneration which is embedded in this experience, we can open new possibilities to see, hear or touch something, all senses can be extended, so that we can realize this subtle matter as a real existence.."

"Finally we could come to a state where our awareness is permanently embedded in the Atman, to see Veda and Vishva just as vibrations of Atman in itself.."

"This is a kind of vision for humanity, for the education system in every country of the world, which could be supplemented by this kind of research.."

"But besides this, we could also use this subtle form of matter for technologies in the outside field, that means for the gaining of energy for example.." Certainly, in the next decades, new possibilities will pop up where this form of new matter can be used in technical applications.."

"So we have various visions for individuals, for societies and also for mankind.."

"We should not forget that this form of subtle matter is a mixture of two forms. One form of subtle matter has life destroying properties, and the other form has life supporting qualities.."

"This is a big hope for society, that in every continent, these negative tendencies in society can be overcome, and that the harmony can surround the world in huge fields of life supporting subtle matter fields. This would be the start of a new age.."

"The subtle matter with positive physical sign has negative life supporting, destructive effects, which is also necessary. On the other hand, the subtle matter with negative sign has life supporting properties.. The question is always, who is dominant in the body.."

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