" P I N E   C O N E   E X P R E S S "

A   m i c r o v i t a   ( r e s e a r c h )   e x p e r i e n c e

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One time, during the earliest sign of spring 2019, I was making a forest walk while being completely absorbed in the idea of "electroweak symmetry breaking" in terms of P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory. In quantum field theory, symmetry breaking is a complex, not fully solved problem, complicated by an abundance of particles, interactions, spins and different types of charge getting mixed up and playing together. Should the solution not be much simpler, more intuitive and more self-evident? At one point my attention was drawn to a couple of pine cones on the forest path ahead of me. Not a huge surprise while hiking in a pine forest, were it not for the fact that they appeared to be arranged in a certain, meaningful pattern. At first I walked on, undistracted by what could easily be dismissed as an unserious case of pareidolia. Yet after a few moments I doubled back, to gaze at what appeared to me the very deliberate form of a triangle with two external "control points" or something alike. Other than that I was clueless as to its meaning - and remained so for about a month to come.

By that time I had, technically speaking, scrambled together the main components of "microvitic symmetry breaking", but the bigger picture, the true synthesis was lacking. No matter the degree of technical perfection, it is only the latter that makes a theory spring to life, and verily, come true. In other words, your initial thought can be spot-on, but that is not the same as having found the solution. However, at one point, a higher level of synthesis is bound to surface, and while it may or may not even entail any change technically speaking, that is what makes the effort complete. With that regard, certain accounts of academic prowess are to be be taken with a grain of salt, because, like in the arts, the final synthesis is never truly something of one's own doing.

Reverting to the topic of symmetry breaking - there was, at long last, the "pine cone" moment where I realised that - indeed as laid out in clear terms on the forest path - one can not in an absolute sense consider the Gunatrikona as the alpha and omega of everything. In philosophy it is very useful, not to say essential. In scientific terms however the Gunatrikona of philosophy appears to be somewhat trivial, and perhaps even distractive, which is why Sarkar not even remotely hinted at it in microvita theory. Scientifically we need to consider the presence of more than one controller or attractor, more than one Purusa, in order to avoid endless logical regression. These are Krta Purusa (Action Principle) and Jina Purusa (Knowing Principle or Energy) of microvita cosmology. The pine cone pattern implicated that the subject at hand, symmetry breaking in quantum field theory, required such type of approach. That is, symmetry breaking obviously possesses a characteristic form of equilibrium ("eigenstate" in quantum physics) all by itself, which can nevertheless, conceptually speaking, be controlled by two external Faculties.

In the currently presented theorem of electroweak symmetry breaking 1, one controlling Faculty is the widely applied Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, which is of energetic nature, while the other is the newly proposed synchronized state of the hidden scalar field, having a "microvitic" quality. The play of creation unfolds inbetween these two, synchronized scalar and vector media.

A nice incidental spin-off, quite literally, is the fact that the pine cone is a notorious example of how nature favors growth patterns in the form of spirals (see above image) 2. It is closely related to the vortex resp. torus representation of quantum spin, the so called spinor 3,4. The latter one can say forms the geometrical basis for modeling the vector bosons with their resp. signature masses, while (in the current theorem) synchronizing the scalar and vector media.

Keeping this in mind will no doubt be helpful to understand P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory intuitionally, and may also help save a lot of time while doing theoretical and practical research. It looks like this was the message, spelled out on the forest path in early spring, with nothing but a few pine cones...
- Frank van den Bovenkamp, ed., 04-04-2019.

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