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New: Microvita and the Spectrum of the Primary Colors
The microvitic origin of color perception, a first hint of evidence?

April 22, 2022

wait a few seconds for transitions to start, then
follow the white triangular pointer near the
sphere, indicating the primary colors
everytime the geometries align

The distinct pattern of the primary colors in the visible spectrum, which every child can see but no physicist can define or detect, is precisely predicted by the symmetry relations underlying our connection with the universe. The hidden geometries of the invisible (unconditional, non-local, universal) and visible (conditional, local, personal) creation spaces, each time they align, are found to accurately map the wavelength of one of the primary colors, thus proving their existence based on clear and direct evidence. It is quite literally the geometry of creation in plain sight! In this essay the main principles are viewed in the light of P.R. Sarkar’s microvita theory, with some non-technical connections to quantum physics.discussion parts. Read / download the .pdf. See also the Quantum geometry of Color article below.

The Hydrogen Atom as an Integrative Eigenstate of the Bifurcating Quantum Field

Published Aug. 16, 2020 by open access journal The Gazette of Medical Sciences

This new peer reviewed paper was recently published by open access journal The Gazette of Medical Sciences. It is essentially a Quantum Physics article, however with ample reference to P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory in the discussion section.

Citing from the paper: "The aim of the present work is to introduce an approach to Hydrogen stability with a decisively more central role for the dimension of action." This "dimension of action" is a discrete physics principle which bears close resemblance to the Action Principle in microvita theory, referred to in the greater context, as Krta Purusa.

In other words, the paper proposes a quantum physics basis from where (the physics aspects) of microvita theory could be further explored. From the paper: "The action is shown to preserve equilibrium not only through neutral or linear, but also through fractal and undulatory modes". Here, especially the "fractal mode" is a new interpretation of the quantum field's self-interaction, which is theorized to correspond with "pro-life, pro-mind" action, that is, "positive microvita".

As demonstrated, a special outcome and confirmation of the theory is that the electron-to-proton mass ratio can be calculated based on underlying principles. This is currently not possible in Quantum Physics, and therefore we could say that microvita theory may have contributed something new to physics.

If you're not into quantum physics, there's still something to read in the introduction and discussion parts. The article is freely accessible and downloadable from: https://www.thegms.co/microvita/microvit-ra-20080202.pdf.

A Quantum Theory of Microvita: working hypothesis

The working hypothesis is that self-localisation is an instantaneous and complete manifestation of the Principle of Least Action in an entropic / neg-entropic ("chaos vs. order") scenario.
• The philosophical analogy of this monoptical viewpoint is "Purusottama", the Cosmic Nucleus ("Paramashiva Purusottama Visvashya Kendram" - Purusottama is [the name for] Supreme Consciousness [acting as] the Cosmic Nucleus). It is the same for every natural entity ("sambhuti" or balanced elements), being an atom, a human, a star or a galaxy.
• The Action manifestests through the process of bifurcation, here somewhat symbolically depicted inside its spherical aspect. This together constitutes "maya", the persistent illusion of an individual reality in time and space. The process of bifurcation in philosophy is called "svabhava" (self-flow, the "characteristic bearing of Consciousness").
• On the quantum level, bifurcation is realized as a unitary transformation (Fourier transform) of the synchronized scalar field self-interaction. The Fourier series' isomorphisms form the 3D components (spinors) of particle physics.

Can microvita theory help explain Hydrogen energy levels?
Apr. 13, 2020

Gasses such as Hydrogen or Neon light up at specific colors (i.e. wavelengths) when heated or electrified. In quantum mechanics, this means that their electron orbits are pushed to heigher levels and then fall back, releasing a photon. In the early 1900's, Bohr and Sommerfeld showed that these orbital- or energy levels are discrete - they can not just have any value. Moreover, in 1924, Louis de Broglie showed that each orbit exists of an integer number of wavelengths, if the electron is represented as a matter wave. A still more advanced model was developed by Schrödinger shortly after. But still to this day, things remain unexplained, such as the true nature or reality of the matter wave, and how to model bigger atoms using Schrödinger's equation. A quantum theory of microvita gives more importance to the underlying quantum field than the standard theory. It shows how the "bifurcation" of the field (P.R. Sarkar) is involved in shaping particles and their trajectories. We distnguish between the bifurcation in the hidden planes of the Action Principle and in the planes of Energy. In the 3D world the two are closely related. It is proposed that the latter type confirms the discrete orbits or energy levels of the Hydrogen and other atoms. Read a more technical article here.

Revisiting the Quantum Geometry of Colour
Mar. 29, 2020

The hidden quantum geometry of colour perception, based on the primary colours.

The primary colours are plotted as log spiral arcs, whereby the angle corresponds to the resp. known wavelengths. The geometrical icons here mainly serve as a mnemonic to indicate the angle (tan (alpha)=y/x). At the same time, the spiral trajectory could be seen as an electron changing energy levels (in the de Broglie picture), while continuing its orbit. Quantum mechanically, the action remains stationary (momentum by angular displacement = Planck Constant h), so that indeed the angle is proportional to the wavelength of the emitted (or absorbed) photon. In a pro-life context such as this, the quantum of action is hypothesized to be of microvitic origin.

This would still be somewhat trivial, however the geometric angles were also found to be cardinal for geometric (scalar / vector) alignments of QFT geometrized symmetry breaking (not shown here). This way, the distinct set of primary colours could form a bridge between the hidden world of quantum mechanics resp. microvita and actual human perception.

An additional feature is that the resp. non-linear and linear interactions of the involved scalar and vector fields correspond to the non-linear and linear aspects in the neuroscience of human perception (Fechner transductions). Yet another speciality is that the retinal peak sensitivity (@555 nm, yellow-green) is precisely predicted by the same geometrized interactions.

Vice versa, the concept of quantum-geometrical alignments (perceptually verified), could greatly contribute to a much needed deterministic re-interpretation of quantum mechanics. Lastly, as energy is cancelled out, the quantum geometry of colour strongly suggests that Action (Krta Purusa) is the main integrator in the process of (human) perception, like energy (Jina Purusa) is the integrator in thermodynamics.

Download a high resolution version of the left image for poster printout here. More about the quantum geometry of colour here.

Interactive Cycle of Creation - Guna Trikona - 4 Causes - Microvita Cosmology
Mar. 10, 2020

Click image to go to the interactive page

An Interactive Timeline of All Things Action Principle
Feb. 15, 2020

Click image to go to the interactive page

"Now, there should be extensive research work regarding this microvitum or these microvita. Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding these microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way." - P.R. Sarkar

Photo: large scale destruction of Borneo rainforest habitat for palmoil production - source: CNN

Now a question arises. How does the theory of microvita affect biochemistry?

The internal protoplasmic formula will change. Nuclei can also be affected by microvita, and protoplasm will be affected by bringing changes in the nucleus with the help of microvita. The displacement of the nucleus can be brought about with the help of microvita, which will bring qualitative change in the internal structure. Internally, the hormones will be affected, and thus externally, the corporeal structure will also be affected. The longevity of all forms of protoplasm is twenty one days. Changes will also occur in this regard. A change in the very appearance of human beings is also sure to come.

As a result of the inter-transmutation of microvita, positive and negative, can a mango be changed into an egg? Yes. If change is brought in the nuclear mass of the protoplasmic cell of a mango by properly harnessing the quantitative value of its microvita, this change can be brought into effect.

Can a caterpillar be converted into casein under normal temperature if the theory of microvita is properly explored? It can be done as per the process stated above by changing the pressure. In that case, there can be a change in the atmospheric pressure without changing the temperature. There will be a change in calorie, but that does not mean that there will be a change in the temperature.

18 September 1987, Calcutta

"A New Line of Thinking" - P.R. Sarkar

"If one could grasp the whole Universe from one viewpoint, it would appear, if it is permitted to say this,
as a unique fact and a great truth"
- Jean le Rond d'Alembert, French philosopher, 18th. century

On June 10, 1989, Shrii P.R. Sarkar, after having delivered not less than 38 discourses on the subject of microvita theory, introduced what he empathically referred to, as ".. a new line of thinking.. ", having no connection with certain key concepts of philosophy 1. This special scholarly lecture was published under the title "Microvita and Cosmology".

History has shown that true paradigm shifts are not the field of theoreticians, but of deep intuitional survey. Hence, P.R. Sarkar emphasized that we should increase our conceptual powers (especially through spiritual practice). Also in philosophy this idea is familiar: "Tayoh siddhih Saincara Pratisaincara ca" (proof of this is the existence of the extroversial and introversial phases of the creation). "Siddhi" generally means "occult power", and specifically refers to the power of direct, comprehensive knowing or simply, insight.

This way a new and revolutionary view on creation can evolve so that we all can learn the secrets of microvita. Once there is growing clarity of concept, this can be related to theoretical frameworks as well as to existing physical, philosophical, psychological and historical contexts, in order to make it widely accepted..

This website is dedicated to the new line of thinking on cosmology envisioned by P.R. Sarkar, and studying it "in the mental and physical lab".

Therefore, microvita science is for all - it is neither the exclusive domain of those having access to elaborate research networks and facilities, nor that of a spiritual lifestyle. Yet, to increase the meaningfulness of microvita in society at large, scientists should equally be inspired so that extensive laboratory research can be done.

Footnote: original quote: "This is a new line of thinking - a new philosophical approach. Here “knower I” or “doer I” are not necessarily the mahat, aham or citta of philosophy. It is a new school of philosophical thought - it has no connection with mahat, aham and citta." From P.R. Sarkar's lecture on Microvita and Cosmology, reprinted

Frank van den Bovenkamp - editor



in the words of P.R. Sarkar

There are entities which come within the realm of both physicality and psychic expressions which are smaller or subtler than atoms, electrons or protons, and in the psychic realm may be subtler than ectoplasm. For such objects or for such entities I use the term “microvitum”.1

These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites – not carbon atoms or carbon molecules.1

Microvita are a happy blending of matter and idea. There is a silver lining made of the initial stage of matter and the final stage of microvita. Or in other words, between the final stage of microvita and the initial stage of matter there lies a silver lining.2

Microvita exist in the world of ideas as well as in the crude world. That which exists purely in the world of ideas is beyond laboratory research, but in the latter case research can be done in physical, chemical and biological laboratories. Though this microvita research is to be done within the inner mind, inside idea, inside spirit, tests are to started in physical laboratories.2

I think, by dint of our spiritual sa´dhana´, rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sa´dhana´, our minds will develop in all strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita.1

We are to start our research work regarding these microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way.1

Now medical science is at the top of a declining slope, and except for surgery it has lost its importance for ordinary people. Only microvita theory can overcome this situation.3

With the help of positive microvita, mind can be expanded. The radius of the mind may cover the entire universe, and we may have ideas about different subjects even without reading books and literature.4

1: Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor
2: Some Guidelines for Commencing Microvita Research - Section A
3: Some Guidelines for Commencing Microvita Research - Section D
4: Cult, Inference and Propensity



The role of microvita in the nucleus of the atom
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An atom is not a lego model - april 06, 2017


P.R. Sarkar, Microvita in a Nutshell, Ananda Marga Publications (some key articles reprinted here)
P.R. Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii), Ananda Sutram, Ananda Marga Publications; especially chapters 1 and 4
Ac. Vedaprajnananda Avt, "Microvita and the Mystery of Life" - Blog, a lifely introduction into the general concept of microvita.
Ac. Sadananda Avt. "Microvita, ... " - Thoughtful observations on YouTube, in Russian (optional auto-translate)
G. Srinivasan, Secret of Sankhya - A voluminous and ambitious revival of Kapilla's sutra's, through mathematical axioms.
Maiti Bibhansu, Coronavirus and P R Sarkar’s Intuitional Science of Microvita.
Richard Gauthier,https://microvitaexpress.org/ - Quickly spreading ideas, opinions and research about microvita and their relationships to science and spirituality.

UP AGAIN SOON - The earlier microvita.info contents and articles, apprx
. up to Aug. 2016, with mostly a qualitative and intuitional focus, remain accessible.

Microvita in action..? Within one period of the synchronized ground state, there are always exactly 10 maxima, suggesting the known 10 degrees of freedom of the quantum fields.


Frank van den Bovenkamp MSc
TGM Research
Updated April 04, 2022

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Microvita are entities which come within the realms both of physicality of psychic expression. They are smaller and subtler than physical atoms and sub- atomic particles, and in the psychic realm they may be subtler than mind- stuff. The author predicts that they will soon be recognized by conventional science.


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This is a rare book on a rare topic: it is about 'action' and the Principle of Least Action. A surprisingly well-kept secret, these ideas are at the heart of physical science and engineering. The book explains: why an optimization principle underlies physics, what action is, what 'the Hamiltonian' is, and how new insights into energy, space, and time arise.

Author Jennifer Coopersmith on microvita (related) research: "Even if I'm not in agreement with the fine details of Microvita, the fact that you and many others are realizing the importance of the P of LA at all scales, and the importance of a similar principle for entropy, is an indication that present theories are inadequate or, at least, incomplete, and some big changes are on the way."


Is Physics in fact (also) addicted to Energy?

In his famous 1924 paper, Louis de Broglie wrote: "Nevertheless, action is a very abstract notion,and as a consequence of much reflection on light quanta and the photoelectric effect, we have returned to statements on energy as fundamental, and ceased to question why action plays a large role in so many issues".

"Action" here is not the congenial term, but the name for a very special, highly abstract concept in physics, complementary and in a way opposite to the concept of energy. In physics, action is utilized a lot, purely mathematically, to solve complex problems, but is not at all regarded as a fundamental principle in nature.

Read on microvita.info more on how P.R.Sarkar's microvita theory, as well as other research and publications could be regarded as a passionate plea to rehabilitate the Action Principle, so that, in the words of Sarkar, "many problems in society may be solved in a nice way".

"Kepler’s forgotten ideas about symmetry help explain spiral galaxies
without the need for dark matter"
Dec. 16, 2019

New research by Chris Jeynes and Michael Parker shows how Action, Energy, Entropy, and Information
(neg-entropy) together create the shape of life the universe seems to like most - at all scales

  • The question why snowflakes and similar structures are so symmetrical is not entirely understood.
  • Look at all the spiral galaxies out there. They can be half a million light years across, but they still preserve their symmetry. How?
  • We showed that entropy and information can be treated as a field and that they are related to geometry.
  • The info-entropic geometry of a galaxy not only creates the beautifully symmetric shape, but also accounts for its total mass.
  • We think that the “morphogenic field” Kepler was seeking really does exist.

P.R. Sarkar vs. Emmy Noether
Dec. 12, 2019

The title is parhaps somewhat a misnomer - more truthful might be "P.R. Sarkar and Emmy Noether".

Emmy Noether was a mathematician and contemporary of Albert Einstein. She was arguably of the same calibre, but largely unrecognized, certainly in those days when women barely had access to academia. Today Noether's Theorem is one of the main foundation stones of modern physics, it not the single most, yet Emmy Noether is still largely unknown among the general public.


P.R. Sarkar's Bifurcation Principle in Quantum Physics
Dec. 11, 2019

"Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium in the (B) subjective chamber of the Supreme Attributional Principle. That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction".

" ... when billions of microvita get solidified, a carbon atom is formed".

Bifurcative symmetry breaking is an interpretation of quantum field theory whereby the free quantum field readily implies a non-linear or self-interaction - therefore it is creative. The poster does not mention the term "microvita", however where it says "the action becomes effectively neg-entropic", this means positive microvitic action, keeping the balance with entropy, exactly as per above quote. The working hypothesis is that the individual, dimensional viewpoint is the instantaneous and complete manifestation of the Principle of Least Action in an entropic / neg-entropic scenario. Click here to enlarge and download as poster, or download as .pdf.

3 categories of microvita, 3 bifurcation relations
Nov. 05, 2019

• Can positive, negative and neutral microvita be described in terms of Quantum Physics?
• How are microvita maintaining the "equilibrium in the macrocosm"?
• How can we model the Action Principle and its 3 bifurcation relations?


The bifurcation of sub-waves in space and time

Oct. 20, 2019

• Is the bifurcation of sub-waves a process in space or in time, or both?
• How are elementary matter- and force particles formed?
• What is the role of the potential well?

Increasing curvature of the matter wave, while space-time is transformed into a charged potential well with a nucleus.
Note that unlike in philosophy, the straight flow ("nada") also has an inner oscillation - this is the sub-wave.


Building an atom from microvita

Oct. 18, 2019

• How can we combine a pinnacle of physics with a pinnacle of philosophy?
• What is the most suitable model or visualization of the "microvitic atom?
• What is the role of elementary particles in the microvitic atom?


The Secret of Sarkar's Sub-waves
Oct. 07, 2019

• What is the difference between Quantum Physics' group wave and P.R. Sarkar's "sub-waves"?
• How are "major waves" formed?
• Can we count the number of microvita, and what is their effect in an atom?

Orbital sub-waves and their group effect, resp. without and with recursion. This indicates how, in Sarkar's terms,
the number of microvita stabilizes the major wave. If the sub-waves are both recursive (right image) and synchronized,
this represents the linear flow of expression ("nada"). The infininite sub-wave component (green) associates the
linear flow with the final, systaltic flow. The major wave (De Broglie phase- or matter wave) is not shown here.


Oct. 06, 2019

  QUANTUM PHYSICS: h = Planck constant
The unit of ACTION is the Planck constant h = 6.626..E-34 J·s. (B) Subjective: "Doing principle or supra-mundane seed of the ACTIONAL PRINCIPLE, ready for being sprouted. (Microvita of different characters, either of positive or negative nature, collectively maintaining the balance of the actional universe." - MV&C

Note: microvita could be thus thought of as virtually identical to the Planck constant, however unlike in quantum physics, especially applied in a synergetic or neg-entropic (pro-life, pro-mind) context.

The acion principle in physics
The unit of the SPIN quantum number is the (reduced) Planck constant h
"Waves are created when microvita move through the media of inferences. Inferences are the major waves, but sub-waves are created in them by moving microvita. The major waves function as the controlling waves for the sub-waves." - Q&A-H

Note: microvita related quantum research suggests that the spin- and trajectory (orbital) properties of fermions (matter-particles) are the combined result of a matter wave (De Broglie style) and "subwaves" (Sarkar). Hereby the subwaves form a special type of group wave, or a synchronized scalar self-interaction.
The unit factor for quantizing ENERGY waves (light) is the reduced Planck constant h: "Microvitum, whether positive or negative, is a very subtle entity, hence it is conveyed through inferences. The subtlest of these inferences is sound (which is accepted and conveyed by the auricular nerves, and is vibrated naturally by dynamic objects such as aerial waves, liquid waves, electromagnetic waves, etc.) ."
- Microvita and Smell - section B

Note: this is of particular interest if those inferences are related to synergetic (neg-entropic) processes.
E = h.f

f = frequency

about microvita and the Action Principle in physics >>>


• What happened to the Action Principle in physics and do we know its smallest instance?

• Was microvitum in fact already known in quantum physics in the early days?

• What is it really that Sarkar wanted to communicate by introducing microvita theory?



Why are subwaves called this way? Because they are undetectible. They exist and move solely within the Abstract of subspace. They move with mathematical synchrony, in perfect solidarity, so that each wave seamlessly merges into the totality of all others it relates to. This is why, unlike main waves, they remain hidden or occult.

Yet, if it were not for that synchronized state, the existence of subwaves could not be inferred. It is only through the synchronized spectrum of the Abstract, that contraction and expansion are caused within the Macrocosmic Arena, and this activates and propagates the flow of similitude of a detectible main wave or inference.

Further specialization may occur, in the form of subtle modulations creating an endless display of dimensions and media, and these subtle modulations in the synchronized state of the infinite ocean may be called microvita.



When using the terms "positive" or "negative" for microvita one should bear in mind that with respect to their characters this does not entail any qualification. But in terms of their effects, both positive and negative microvita can be used or work out positively or negatively.

It is of greatest interest to interpret evolution, history, physics, etc.. in terms of microvita theory. However, this should not lead to mystification. Using the term "microvita" where it can just as well be replaced by "positive or negative influences" is not helpful - it's just the ornamentation of one thing we don't understand, with the other.

Microvita is a name for the principle which qualifies and quantifies how energy is steered intelligently in the subwave structure of the Universe (Bhavastha). Proper use of the term microvita allows us to understand (and eventually manipulate) matter and life in subtler and more incisive ways than physics can currently offer. For individual spiritual practice we don't need to know about microvita in a scientific way. But if we want to use that same kind of science to solve certain problems in society, we will need to study the positive use of positive and negative microvita.



"We don't need to change quantum physics. We need to change our interpretation of it".
Gerard 't Hooft, Dutch phycists and Nobel laureate

"Already in my original paper I stressed the circumstance that I was unable to give a logical reason for the exclusion principle or to deduce it from more general assumptions. I had always the feeling and I still have it today, that this is a deficiency. ... The impression that the shadow of some incompleteness [falls] here on the bright light of success of the new quantum mechanics seems to me unavoidable".

Wolfgang Pauli, Swiss theoretical physicist (1900-1958), during his Nobel lecture in 1945

"One of the things we believe is that the fundamental ideas of Einstein, space and time, are derivative ideas".
Robbert Dijkgraaf, Dutch theoretical physicist and head of IAS Princeton, interview on Dutch TV, dec. 29, 2013 (fragments with subs here)

"Einsteins theory did not explain how the sun tells to the space around her to be curved. We have two years left to solve this question, otherwise we'll be celebrating the centenary of a beautiful yet incomplete theory".
Vincent Icke, Dutch theoretical astrophysicist, NRC newspaper, dec. 07, 2014



"I saw the tiny organisms by which energy and conditional awareness are transferred and communicated between the various levels of existence". Adi Da Samraj, The Knee of Listening, The end of all searching, early '70's.

"The Spiritual Eye is composed of the lifetron (like electron) or the finest ultimate unit of intelligence and energy*. It is finer than electrons, of which all matter and consciousness are composed. Each microcosmic lifetron contains in miniature the essence of all the macrocosmic creation". Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ. * By scientific standards the phrase "and energy" is probably imprecise

"The different sensory stimuli to which man reacts - tactual, visual, gustatory, auditory, and olfactory - are produced by vibratory variations in electrons and protons. The vibrations in turn are regulated by "lifetrons," subtle life forces or finer-than-atomic energies intelligently charged with the five distinctive sensory idea-substances. Gandha Baba, tuning himself with the cosmic force by certain yogic practices, was able to guide the lifetrons to rearrange their vibratory structure and objectivize the desired result. His perfume, fruit and other miracles were actual materializations of mundane vibrations, and not inner sensations hypnotically produced". Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946



"I think, by dint of our spiritual sádhaná, rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sádhaná, our minds will develop in all [[their]] strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita." - Shrii P.R. Sarkar

"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius".
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift". - Albert Einstein

" When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense."- Kahlil Gibran

" Stop learning, start thinking. If you want to study a field, you have to become the field". - Jacob Barnett, child prodigy

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the playing instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves". - Carl Jung

"The ideal of an all-sided education for youth had always been close to my heart. I saw clearly the arid results of ordinary instruction, aimed only at the development of body and intellect". - Paramahansa Yogananda

"There is no problem that the intellect cannot solve, but it never had an original thought. Originality is the realm of the unconscious". - Alan Garner

"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition". - Steve Jobs

"There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance". - Albert Einstein

"The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears". - Dan Stevens

"All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know". - Alexis Carrell

"Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality". - Alexis Carrell


A selection including the introduction of microvita and discourses on cosmology

Microvitum, the mysterious emanation of Cosmic Factor

Matter and Abstract

Cult, Inference and Propensity

Microvita and Cosmology

Narrated by Acarya Cidrupananda Avt.

BABA narrated me the story of Rámakrsna ( Rámakrisna) Paramahansa Deva and Keshav Candra (Chandra) Sen:

One day Beloved BABA sent me to a photographer's studio at Baliganj (Kolkata, India) to see one of the original photos of Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva in divine ecstasy. There were many photos of Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva . But BABA indicated me to see the particular one. BABA said that from this particular photo positive microvita are coming out constantly. Then BABA narrated a beautiful story on Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva. BABA narrated many stories on Him, this is one of the stories. Whenever BABA mentioned the name of Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva or any other Great Divine expressions like Caetanya Mahaprabhu (Chaitanya), BABA used to fold HIS hand in Namaskar mudra and salute them.

Wisdom is a space without any ripples of questions and answers - neither knowledge nor ignorance but a pure silence, innocence. This is the state of the Awakened One, the Enlightened One.

No, nobody needs to know the question and nobody needs to know the answer either. Everybody needs to know oneself. And that revelation of oneself, that realization of oneself comes only when there are no questions, no answers... just a pure sky without any clouds, an utter peace that surpasses understanding.

This is the definition of the authentic seer, the true Mystic: one who knows without knowledge, who is as ignorant as a small child - whose ignorance is innocence, whose knowing is innocence.

Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva lived just in the last part of the nineteenth century... such an innocent being. And one of the very learned men, a great scholar - perhaps the greatest scholar of those days - was Keshav Chandra Sen. They both lived very close; Keshav Chandra lived in Calcutta and Ramakrishna lived outside Calcutta by the side of the river Ganges, as a priest in a small temple in Dakshineshwar.

Keshav Chandra was respected all over the country for his wisdom, for his knowledge, for his tremendous rationality, intellectuality, authority over scriptures and his logical acumen. People from all over the country used to come to sit at his feet.

But slowly, slowly he became very puzzled: the people who had been listening to him for years started going to Dakshineshwar to sit at the feet of Ramakrishna, who was uneducated, who had no knowledge of any scripture, who could not be called in any sense a man of knowledge. He could not argue, could not convince anybody about anything.

But what was happening? Keshav Chandra was puzzled that the people who had been with him for years were slowly disappearing from his gatherings and going to the gatherings of Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva. And whatever information he had collected about Rámakrsna simply showed him that Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva seems to be half mad - suddenly He used to start dancing, singing; just listening to a beautiful song, He used to go into samádhi. For hours, He used to get lost somewhere; none could even wake Him up, He used to go so deep into Himself. It was not ordinary sleep; it was almost like a coma.

Once He remained in such a state for six days continuously. Every effort was made to wake Him up, but all efforts failed. And finally when He awoke, the first thing He said, with tears in His eyes, was… ”Why have you people forced me to wake up? I was enjoying myself so deeply, and you go on pulling me to the outside world, where there is nothing. I have known everything; I have experienced everything and found that it cannot give me lasting peace or eternal bliss or the realization of my own self. So, whenever I go inside myself, please, don't disturb me.” Naturally his followers became very much concerned; six days is too long period...

All the reports that reached to Keshav Chandra proved that this man was hysterical, whimsical, a crackpot. But the people who used to come to him were intellectuals, professors, well-versed in scriptures. Why have they moved towards Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva?

Finally, he had to decide to go and see that man. Not only to see, but to challenge Him to a debate. He informed Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva, “I am coming on such and such a date. Be ready, because I am going to challenge you to discuss with me matters of ultimate significance.” Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva laughed. He said, ”It will be really a great joy to meet Keshav Chandra. He is such an intellectual giant and he does not know whom he is challenging. But let him come, this is a good excuse. I will accept the challenge.”

His disciples said, “But this will be very humiliating. He will bring all his followers, and before all these people ... we know you cannot argue - you have never argued in your life.”

But what Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva said is something to be remembered forever. He said, “I don't argue because I am the argument. Just let him come. I don't know the scriptures; I don't need to know them. I know the truth - why should I bother about borrowed knowledge? I don't have any education, I don't know how to prove something or disprove something, but I don't need to know - my presence is the proof. Just let him come.”

The disciples were afraid because they could not understand that Keshav Chandra would accept his presence as an argument. And Keshav Chandra came. Ramakrishna hugged him - he was not expecting that Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva would come out of the temple and hug him - and took him inside. Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva said, “I am so grateful that you came, I have been waiting for so long. Whenever you feel like challenging me, you can come. Whenever you feel the urge to argue, you can come. I am always available, there is no need even to make any appointment; I am twenty-four hours in this temple. You can come day or night, any moment.” Keshav Chandra kept himself aloof, but found it was very difficult: this Man was so loving, his very vibe was so touching. And Rámakrsna said: “First, before you start your argument, for your welcome I will dance.” And He had His musicians there who started playing drums, and Rámakrsna started dancing .... Keshav Chandra could not believe it; his followers could not believe it. He had challenged many people, he had argued all over the country with great scholars and defeated them, but he had never seen such a Man, who was welcoming him with a dance. And the dance was so beautiful - it was not the dance of a technician, it was the dance of an overflowing love. It was not formal, the welcome was not just etiquette; even Keshav Chandra could feel that the Man was authentic. After the dance Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva said, ”Now you can start.” And Keshav Chandra said, “First I want you to prove the existence of God.” Ramakrishna laughed. He said, “The existence of God? You are the proof. Otherwise from where does such great intelligence come? It must be coming from existence, and if existence can produce Keshav Chandra that means existence is not unconscious, is not unintelligent. That's all we mean by God: that existence is not only matter. You are the proof. It is strange that you are asking for the proof and you don't know that you are the proof. I can bring anybody before you as a proof that existence is intelligent. That's all we mean by God: that existence is not without consciousness.”

Keshav Chandra's followers could not believe that they had seen Keshav Chandra in shock for the first time. He was silent; he could not find what to say. And Rámakrsna's disciples were also in a shock. They said, “My God, we used to think: ‘How is this poor fellow going to argue?' But he has silenced him without much trouble; no scripture has been quoted - nothing. Keshav Chandra himself has made the argument against himself.”

And each time Keshav Chandra said something Rámakrsna would clap - just like a child. And he was saying things against Him! The disciples thought, “Keshav Chandra will think Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva is insane. He will not be able to understand: ‘I am arguing against him, and he is clapping with joy?'” And just in the middle Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva stood up and hugged him again and said: ”That was really a beautiful point. I loved it, you go on.” His joy, His love, His unruffled calm became His victory, without any argument. Keshav Chandra fell at His feet and said, “Just forgive me, I have had very wrong notions about you.” Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva said, “What are you doing? You are a man of knowledge, I am an ignorant man - so ignorant, so uneducated, I cannot even sign my own name. I know myself but I cannot sign my own name, I cannot read anything. What are you doing?”

And Keshav Chandra became one of the great lovers of Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva. And Rámakrsna had no answer for any question, nor did He have any question. But Rámakrsna Paramahansa Deva's innocence touched many people and transformed many people. Just His Love was a great alchemical process.


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"Trigun´a´tmika´ srs´t´ima´trka´ ashes´atrikon´adha´ra´" [ P.R. Sarkar]. The "Guna Trikona" or Causal Matrix is proposed to represent nothing less than the ultimate synthesis of all creation - physical and biological - out of a singular, unchanging groundstate. The current models resp. animations are not meant to be technically accurate but to serve as an intuitional guide into the primordial stages of the universe.



The function of Causal Matrix in spiritual philosophy ("Cycle of Creation" through the nucleus ) resp. physics ("atom" = "Cycle
of Creation around the nucleus"). "Purusa" is the omni-connected, reflective principle or entity in the heart of the Causal Matrix.

Sarkar frequently referred to spirituality as "the path of supreme synthesis". In that sense, science and spirituality may not be fundamentally different, but the initial motivation is. In terms of axiomatic guna logic, the different viewpoints are reflected in how in each resp. case the "guna's" (axiomatic action potentials) are interpreted, that is, after the onset of auto-genesis.


Doing the math of reflection and refraction

"That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction." [Microvita and Cosmology]

"When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe, they are either reflected or refracted." [Microvita and Cosmology]


"That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction." [Microvita and Cosmology]

"Waves are created when microvita move through the media of inferences. Inferences are the major waves, but sub-waves are created in them by moving microvita. The major waves function as the controlling waves for the sub-waves." [Questions and Answers on Microvita – Section H]



A microvita (research) experience



The concept of "Bhavastha" (subspace) helps to understand "Consciousness" as a dynamic presence, instead of some rather aloof, pervasive entity ("Janya Iishvara"). Within the vibrational ocean, the creation is initiated by the intrinsic principle of bifurcation (i.e. into subjective and objective causal faculties, see e.g. the "microvita cosmology and you" section below), and the causal flow is maintained by "Knower-I" - "Doer-I" subwave synchronization. According to Shrii P.R. Sarkar, "Every vibration in this universe has colour and sound. Every vibration also represents a particular idea, and hence each idea has a vibrational sound and vibrational colour". The vibration is the expressed or main wave, or "inference" in microvita cosmology, and the sound and color factors point to the underlying or subwave structure, qualified and quantified by microvita.

From the mental lab to the physical lab:
reproducible (not merely philosophical or speculative) concepts related to subspace autogenesis

"The geometric origin of color"

EVIDENCED and reproducible (not merely suggestive), accurate prediction of the wavelengths of the primary colors. Suggests the existence of an underlying principle causing certain colors to stand out (which we normally call "subjective"). The wavelengths of the primary colors are being indexed by two interdigitating geometries.

In terms relating to microvita cosmology, these geometries may coincide with the resp. "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" types of subwave synthesis. When both universal faculties optimally work together, the created main wave which we perceive as a color, appears "stronger" - not physically, but perceptually.
"The geometric origin of sound"

The vowels of human speach are created by mainly two resonance peaks in the cavities of the vocal tract, called "formants". The source is the vocal chords, generating a dense series of harmonics. The positions of the formants of each vowel can be measured through spectrum analysis. Alternatively, the formants were REPRODUCED based on the concept of sound as a creative faculty, like in Yogic science. The predicted formants accurately correspond to the natural positions, and can be used to generate all vowels.

The creation of vowels by the human voice is very akin to the creation (auto-genesis) of a vortex in the vibrational ocean of Bhavastha. It is suggested that the generation of vowels is related to "POSITIVE MICROVITA", and consonants to "NEGATIVE" MICROVITA.

"Bifurcation vortex"

The (apparent) transformation of subspace (Bhavastha) into detectible phenomena can be visualized as a vortex or torus. On the level of elementary particles, it is suggested that what is known as "intrinsic spin", is really this subspace vortex entering into the physical world. Quantum physicists further discovered a fundamental quality of particle spin which lies at the basis of the entire atomic structure. This is called the "Pauli Exclusion Principle".

A vortex structure combined with subwave gauging geometries is proposed, accounting in ONE SINGLE APPROACH for Fermionic (1/2) and Bosonic (0,1) spin, as well as Pauli Exclusion. It is shown how the subwave gauging templates could correspond to the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" faculties in microvita cosmology.

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